quarta-feira, 17 de setembro de 2014

A Helping Hand

People are becoming more selfish, they are thinking only about themselves.
 The routine that we have experienced have caused us to interact less and less others, and when it comes to helping others, we find difficulties. 
We daily pass by people who need some kind of helps but, as we are always in a hurry, we don't often even realize. 
If we stop to analize people around us, maybe we'll worry more with these people.
Everyone ha something good within himself, we just need to let that love and desire to help others be part of our life. 
We don't need to do anything out of reach.
There are people who just need a hug, a meal or even a minut of your time.
We can reconstruct the world in which we live if we change our attitudes.
Everything changes when I change, in other words, we cann't expect other people to do what I can do.
If everyone begins to do their part, very soon we'll be enjoying a much better place than what we have experienced so far.
The first step to start this change is to extend a hand 
Helping others is a privilege to which we have and we can do daily. 
Make a difference today.

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  1. Realmente o mundo precisa de pessoas que façam a diferença!!! ótima mensagem.